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Swedish Massage

Also known as classical massage therapy, this technique is known mainly for its relaxing effects. Therapists target muscles with specialized movements that blend stroking and kneading with friction, using their fingers, knuckles and even elbows.

In the Western world, Swedish massage is the core technique that underpins many other types of physical therapy. It is often recommended as a fast way of relieving pain and stress, while enhancing feelings of well-being.

Here are a dozen possible benefits of Swedish massage, listing symptoms that may be improved through this technique.

  1. Low Back Pain. Some studies indicate that Swedish massage does indeed relieve low back pain, while others found that exercise was required as well.
  2. Stiff neck. With causes that range from a pinched nerve to osteoporosis, the general consensus is that Swedish massage may ease neck pain, but only temporarily. In fact, it seems that people are more likely to benefit from this type of treatment when sessions are long and frequent.
  3. Shoulder pain. The most common injuries in this area are whiplash and rotator cuff tears, which can be caused by injury (like a fall) or long-time repeated stress, usually in sports with frequent overhead movements, like basketball, tennis, and swimming. Regular massage therapy sessions maximize healing times for injured areas
  4. This condition causes chronic muscle and tissue pain at tender points, particularly the neck, back, knees and elbows. Shooting pains to make it hard to exercise, which is where regular Swedish massage sessions may help.
  5. Ranging from stress headaches to full-blown migraines, headaches can be soothed by the relaxing effects of Swedish massage. By relieving anxiety and lowering blood pressure, a massage session may be more effective than medication;
  6. Anxiety. A natural response to challenging situations (a job interview, a sick relative), anxiety becomes chronic when feelings of fear are constant and largely causeless. Overwhelming and debilitating,, anxiety disorders include phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Regular Swedish massage sessions may help ease the symptoms of these concerns.
  7. High blood pressure. Known as the silent killer, as it is largely symptomless,, high blood pressure treatments often include diuretics and beta-blockers, with dietary constraints. By releasing stress, regular Swedish massage sessions relax blood vessels, with improved circulation and lower blood pressure.
  8. Often a side-effect of anxiety and menopause, insomnia can be debilitating. By inducing relaxation, Swedish massage needs to improved sleep quality.
  9. Premenstrual syndrome. By drawing out toxins and retained water, Swedish massage reduces bloating, while feel-good hormones surge, balancing mood swings and boosting energy.
  10. Depression. Whether genetic, biochemical, hormonal, or seasonal, depression casts a pall over people’s lives. The way out often includes medications, as well as regular exercise and alternative wellness techniques, including meditation and massage.
  11. Cancer symptoms. Although not a cure, some research indicates that Swedish massage may help cancer patients cope more effectively with common symptoms like fatigue, anxiety and pain.
  12. Better circulation. By inducing body-wide relaxation, Swedish massage helps open up blood vessels and improve blood flows through physical stimulation.

Takeaway: Targeting muscles, ligaments, and tendons in ways that promote relaxation and boost feel-good hormones, Swedish massage offers many benefits, ranging from lower blood pressure to pain relief and enhanced well-being.

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Service Duration

60 minutes

How Often to Use Swedish Massage

Weekly use is recommended

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