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Local Cryotherapy

A great way of reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling in specific areas, local cryotherapy focuses on a specific part of the body, with a treatment that is far more powerful and effective than traditional cold packs and ice baths.

Working with temperatures as low as -240°F, a local cryotherapy session usually lasts between five and ten minutes, right on the area being treated. Applying vaporized liquid nitrogen to the problem tightens up the blood vessels, and then provides a rush of heavily oxygenated blood, with a natural analgesic effect and less muscle tension.

After each session, microcirculation in the treated area helps painful muscles relax, heal, and recover faster, while the natural analgesic effect steps up exercise tolerance, thus strengthening joints and muscles, with fewer possibilities of future injuries.

The  benefits of Local Cryotherapy include

  •  Less pain and fewer spasms;
  •  Reduced swelling and inflammation; 
  • Reduces scarring, cellulite, and wrinkles;
  • Better joint mobility and looser muscles;
  • Better circulation and less fatigue;
  • Stronger immunomodulation;
  • Faster regeneration and return to activities.

A small machine produces a sub-zero flow of extremely cold liquid nitrogen vapor that is applied to problem areas through a handheld device. Taking only a few minutes, local cryotherapy sessions offer benefits that far outstrip the results of traditional icing treatments. 

As the area warms up again after this cryo-stimulation, oxygen-rich blood flows to the treated area, reducing inflammation, and loosening up muscles and joints for quicker recovery. Providing faster results, these five-minute sessions can provide instant relief for swollen joints, inflamed tissues, and muscle tremors.

By boosting collagen production – the body’s main building material – local cryotherapy lifts and tightens the skin, while shrinking pores and slowing the appearance of wrinkles. The result is a smooth and glowing complexion with no need for chemical peels or injections.

There is also evidence indicating that cryotherapy is an effective treatment for inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and acne. The mechanisms are still being researched, but there is no doubt that local cryotherapy sessions help soothe rough and inflamed patches of skin, while also minimizing scar tissue.

A quick treatment for a common problem, cellulite freezing focuses on problem areas, particularly around the hips and thighs, where unsightly dimples and nodules tend to form. These  herniated globules of subcutaneous fat are bound together by fibrous connective tissue that is hard to shed. However, a half-hour cellulite freezing treatment forces these fat cells into apoptosis and disintegration, leaving the skin smooth and tight over the underlying muscles. 

For the best results, avoid hot showers, Jacuzzis, and saunas for at least six hours after any local cryotherapy treatment; stay away from alcohol, and drink plenty of water to flush out lactic acid and other toxins. 


Local Cryotherapy



Service Duration

15 minutes

How Often to Use Local Cryotherapy

Best results after 5 or more treatments.

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