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Hangover Relief IV Therapy

You know those nights when it feels like the music’s never going stop, the glasses are bottomless, and the dawn’s a long way away? We’ve all enjoyed them – and we’ve all paid the price the next day.

But now – thanks to the quick-fix  hangover drips offered by Magnolia Poconos Wellness – you can party all night, without stumbling through the next day battling a throbbing headache and parrot-cage mouth.

What Causes a Hangover?

Although researchers haven’t yet figured out all the science underlying hangovers, the symptoms are easy to identify. Occurring after drinking too much alcohol, they typically include thirst, headache, nausea, fatigue, sweating, tremors, and weakness; slow reactions and poor judgment, stomach ache and muscle pain; vertigo, anxiety, and irritability; and light/sound sensitivity and increased blood pressure.

This broad range of symptoms shows that a hangover affects almost every organ in your body, from foggy brain to growling gut, shaky hands to racing heart. Imposes a heavy strain on every system, as it struggles to clear out toxic by-products, heal damaged tissues, rehydrate parched cells, and restore normal functions.

All these symptoms are caused by overindulging in alcohol, which is an osmotic diuretic (meaning it penetrates cell walls). This means that a blood alcohol count results in more frequent trips to the bathroom, which in turn leads to system-wide dehydration, preventing the body from performing its normal toxin elimination functions.

There’s a double whammy in this dehydration process, as alcohol also blocks water re-uptake in the kidneys. That’s why simply drinking lots of water doesn’t fix the problem after a night out on the town.

More than simply replenishing parched cells, fixing a hangover requires eliminating the by-products that result from breaking down alcohol.  Rather than a cure-all, a hangover drip therapy session accelerates recovery, while masking some of the more distressing symptoms. Not only does it rehydrate the entire system, it also speeds up toxin elimination through the kidneys by re-alkalizing the bloodstream.

The sterile IV fluid used in a Magnolia Poconos Wellness Hangover Therapy Session is blended with vital electrolytes – particularly – potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium — that are essential for many key functions of our bodies. Vitamin B complex is used to process alcohol, so a generous morning-after dose boosts the body’s metabolism and speeds up its self-cleansing functions. Depending on individual symptoms, a painkiller and an anti-nausea may also help counter the effects of being over-served the night before.

It’s the liver that does much of the heavy lifting during the post-party clean-up phase. After alcohol passes through the stomach and into the bloodstream through the small intestine, it’s the liver that removes about 90% of these toxins. The effects of alcohol on an overworked liver can be eased by adding Vitamin C to the infusion, helping the body heal itself by eliminating toxins through the skin, lungs, and kidneys.

Smart partiers look ahead when planning their weekend getaway, ensuring maximum fun with minimum downtime. So if you’re intending to party hearty during your trip to the Poconos, make sure you book your morning-after Hangover Relief  IV therapy session.

If you take prescription medications, please check with your physician

Hangover Relief IV Therapy



Service Duration

Varies based on drip ingredients.

How Often to Use Hangover Relief IV Therapy

60-90 minutes including completing medical forms.

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