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Welcome to Magnolia Wellness Center!

Here’s where you set out on your personal path to holistic health. Blending the best of Nature and Science in an idyllic setting, this multifaceted wellness center opens up fascinating prospects of brighter futures for its guests. Gathering together a wide variety of therapeutic options that range from age-old to cutting-edge, this stress-melting facility offers time-saving convenience and comfort.

Who We Are:

Wellness is not a luxury, it is a very basic necessity and the most valuable asset we have. So many of us are lost in the hussel and bussel of everyday life and as a result, neglect to take the time to care about our wellbeing. That is why we have built up the perfect team, ranging from medical professionals, nurses to specialized practitioners, who are committed to achieving the ultimate wellness for every guest.

Your biggest cheerleaders, your strongest supporters, the Magnolia Wellness Center staff is there for you every step of the way. This innovative approach to wellness adds a dynamic new dimension to your pursuit of lifelong wellness.

Our Mission

To find the perfect path to wellness for each guest at Magnolia Wellness Center. Responding to their needs and pursuing their goals through a uniquely holistic approach, every step along the way is steered by science and grounded in nature.

Our Vision

To extend the concept of wellness to include an even balance among physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, establishing the Magnolia Wellness Center as a health-promoting hub of alternative healing practices that blend cutting-edge technology with age-old wisdom.

Why Pick the Poconos?

 Famous as a romantic getaway destination, the Poconos offer a host of other attractions that cater to every taste. From antiquing to adventure parks, brew pubs to beach-framed lakes, visitors are spoilt for choice.

Gourmet restaurants or golf links? Shopping or skiing? Just a hundred miles from Philadelphia and New York City, the Poconos has them all, with something extra special for every season.

How to Get to Magnolia Wellness Center

Conveniently located in front of the Martz Trailways bus stop in Mount Pocono, the Magnolia Inn & Wellness Center is just a two-hour bus ride from the Port Authority in New York City.

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