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Swiss Bionic Med Bed

We are very excited to offer the best of Swiss technology paired with German engineering in our highly advanced “MedBed”.  This rejuvenating bed combines Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (triple sawtooth wave, Square wave) with Far-infra Red technology, Color therapy for brain entrainment, Sound and Biofeedback for the optimal in advanced therapy modalities. It enhances your body’s natural recovery process and supports optimal cellular function (ATP). Helps reduce inflammation (the root of all dis-ease), and speeds up recovery. 

It is FDA approved for post operative pain, bone rejuvenation, depression, pain, urinary incontinence and Health Canada approved for pains, aches and blood circulation. The brain-entrainment color therapy goggles increase attention (gamma and beta waves), reduce stress and anxiety (alpha waves), Improve memory (gamma & beta waves), enhanced meditation (alpha waves), mood boost (gamma & beta waves). The bed utilizes bio-feedback technology to communicate with the body’s information field and vitals to self-adjust the necessary frequency intensity.  We know you will love the “Med-bed” as much as we do.  20min session




Service Duration

15 to 40 minutes, depending on the recipe selected

How Often to Use Swiss Bionic Med Bed

Use as often as once a day

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