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Colon Hydrotherapy

This simple deep-cleansing procedure slowly fills the colon with purified and filtrated water, through a rectal nozzle with a pencil-wide diameter.  The next step is draining, removing unwanted body wastes.. By repeating this cycle  several times in the course of an hour-long  colonic irrigation session, hardened deposits that may be clinging to the walls of the large intestine are softened, loosened, and washed away. 

Once all these toxic wastes have been flushed  out of that body,  the entire digestive system can function more effectively, with positive effects on overall health. Basically, colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way of  giving your digestive system a fresh start.

Dating  back  millennia, an ancient Greek medical text was praising the virtues of colon cleansing as early as 1300 BC.  And despite all the progress made by modern technology,  the system remains largely unchanged: filling the bowel with water and flushing away waste products. 

The advantages remain the same as well:  removing waste materials, so minerals, vitamins, proteins, and trace elements are easily absorbed by the circulatory system, which carries them to cells throughout the body, while toxins don’t get a chance to re-enter the bloodstream, resulting in fatigue, malaise and weakness. 

Many health problems derive from an overburdened bowel: sluggish, sensitive, often  gassy and crampy, it can cause either constipation or diarrhoea.  Fatigue and lassitude, brain fog,  bloating, vomiting, and haemorrhoids are just some of the unpleasant consequences of a digestive system that isn’t functioning smoothly. 

In contrast, the main outcome of colonic irrigation is improving the function of the large intestine, with many   benefits for the entire body;

Improved absorption of minerals and vitamins , leading to faster thinking, higher energy levels, a glowing skin and bright eyes;

Better intestinal muscle tone,  with stronger peristalsis, faster digestion, and less constipation, getting rid of waste materials more quickly; 

Boosts beneficial gut flora , by flushing out  bad bacteria and making the gut flora ecosystem back to a healthy balance;

Deep detoxification removes harmful substances from  deep in the gut, including gas pockets, mucus, dead cells and even parasites;

Weight loss  aid, by removing harmful intestine deposits, with better nutrient absorption and higher energy levels, for staying more active.

Far more thorough  (and safer) than other ways of treating a sluggish digestive system, colon hydrotherapy cleanses  the entire large intestine,   which is usually five feet long.   Gently pulsing streams of water  soften and remove hardened patches of waste material from the delicate mucus tissue that lines the duodenum.  

In contrast,   laxatives  simply  trigger muscular contractions  that push the latest load of waste material through the digestion system, allowing  sticky clumps to get even bigger, while enemas reach only the  final  section of the digestive system: the descending and sigmoid colon. 

On the day of your colon hydrotherapy session,  opt for light meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables; drink water, juices and teas, rather than carbonated and sugary beverages; for the best results,  continue this diet for at least 24 hours afterwards, adding probiotics to restore the good bacteria in your gut.




Service Duration

60 minutes​

How Often to Use Colon Hydrotherapy

To start, a series of 3 weekly sessions is recommended. Therapist will recommend a follow up schedule after.

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