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Beautify IV Therapy

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep – and a Beautify infusion session at the Magnolia Poconos Wellness confirms this. By topping up your body’s supplies of vitamins and minerals, this hour-long intravenous therapy session paves the way to smoother skin, stronger nails, and thicker, glossier hair.

Here’s how it works. As we grow older, our bodies can’t absorb nutrients as easily, finding it harder to synthesize them. This is when tell-tale signs of aging start to appear. Although natural, most of us are happy to postpone the arrival of these unwelcome indicators of maturity.

Honestly? There’s no forever charm that will keep the years at bay indefinitely. However, there are plenty of ways of preserving a healthy glow and youthful vitality, particularly when keeping collagen and elastin levels are kept high and well-balanced.

That’s why many people assign top priority to self-care while they’re still healthy, eager to build on feeling good and looking great. After all, it’s much easier to protect a healthy body and keep it ticking over smoothly, instead of fixing a string of physical problems that are often interconnected.

Two important building blocks in our bodies are collagen and elastin. Here’s why:

  • Collagen is the most common protein found in our bodies, playing a key role in structuring our bodies, holding them together, and ensuring that they work smoothly. Not only does this fibrous protein enhance the skin, hair, and nails – it’s also vital for strong teeth and bones, as well as flexible tendons, cartilages, and blood vessels.
  • Elastin is a protein that helps our bodies retain collagen, with better hydration, particularly in delicate areas around the mouth and eyes. Found in parts of the body that expand and contract (like the skin, arteries, and lungs), elastin allows them to return to their natural shape after stretching and contracting – in other words, it slows the appearance of wrinkles.

By gently topping up the body’s vitamin levels, a Beautify intravenous therapy session helps keep collagen and elastin levels high. As a result, hard tissues (bones, teeth, nails, and hair) may grow stronger, while soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, and muscles) may gain added flexibility.

Collagen synthesis is a complex process that requires ample amounts of vitamin C, as well silicon, copper, zinc, and certain amino acids, particularly lysine and proline. Vitamin C is also vital for synthesizing hyaluronic acid – which in turn boosts collagen production.

Found naturally in the body, hyaluronic acid decreases with age, which may lead to stiffer joints and aching muscles By helping heal damaged tissues, it may repair dry, cracked skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The most obvious beneficiary of this gentle inflow of nutrients is the skin. As the largest organ in our body, is also subject to constant damage, reacting swiftly to stressors such as pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep, inadequate diet, and many medical conditions. 

All these vitamins and minerals help your body produce more collagen, which in turn leads to more flexible joints and smoother, plumper skin. In fact, your skin is three-quarters collagen, underscoring the importance of high levels of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), protecting the skin against harmful free radicals that cause sunspots and sagging.

Looking great means feeling great, as glowing skin, strong nails, and bouncy curls are good indicators of your overall health. Although aging is a natural process, many of its tell-tale signs may be postponed for decades, by simply keeping every cell well nourished.

If you take prescription medications, or if you are (or might be pregnant), please check with your physician before signing up for a Beautify IV therapy session.

Beautify IV Therapy



Service Duration

Varies based on drip ingredients.

How Often to Use Beautify IV Therapy

60-90 minutes including completing medical forms.

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