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Migraine Relief IV Therapy

Ranked by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten medical illnesses, migraines affect over 37 million people in the USA. Three times more common among women than men, these crippling attacks will affect more than 30% of women during their lifetimes.

Although they’re so debilitating, science still hasn’t discovered the exact cause of these incapacitating super-headaches. Some researchers believe that abnormal brain activities temporarily affect signals in the brain, with alterations to chemicals and blood vessels.

There’s also some evidence that there may be a genetic factor in migraines, perhaps reflected in inherited sensitivities to specific triggers.

Studies have indicated that triggers may be internal, like emotional, physical, and hormonal factors, while others may be external, like diet, medications, and the environment. Highly individual, these triggers vary from person to person, and may change over time.

For instance, some women find that migraines caused by hormonal changes improve after menopause. This is also why certain medications – including combined contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy – must be handled carefully for migraine sufferers.

Other frequent triggers include stress, low blood sugar, and dehydration. Fatigue and poor sleep quality may also be to blame, particularly when sporadic, due to jetlag or shift work.

Frequent dietary culprits are caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, and citrus fruit, as well as foods containing tyramine, which include cured meats, smoked fish, and certain cheeses.

Many of the environmental triggers would give anyone a headache: sun glare, flickering lights, smoky or poorly ventilated rooms, loud noises, and strong smells.

When any of these stimuli (and often several at the same time) slam into over-sensitized receptors, the brain overreacts with outsized responses. As its electrical systems misfire in all directions, blood flows alter and nerves are constricted, causing intense pain.

Severe pulsing and throbbing may grip the entire head, or just one side, often accompanied by dizziness, vomiting and nausea, and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. These symptoms can be so severe that migraine victims are unable to work or care for their families.

This non-invasive migraine treatment option is usually completed within an hour. Using special combinations of electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins, and hydrating fluids, these migraine �cocktails’ may also include painkillers and nausea control medications.

Delivered intravenously, this low-stress option relieves migraine symptoms quickly and easily. As the body relaxes while rebalancing its electrolytes, flaring nerve ends subside as triggers are eliminated.

Intravenous infusions may provide migraine relief in several ways, by delivering electrolytes and vitamins directly into the bloodstream, in a hydrating feline solution. Providing faster and more effective relief than tablets, IV therapy sews overactive nerve endings, while addressing individual symptoms (like pain, inflammation, and nausea) all at the same time.

Takeaway: Affecting one out of every seven people across the globe, migraine is the world’s third most common disease. Although not a definitive cure, IV drip therapy at Magnolia Poconos Wellness offers fast relief from pain, with extra benefits that include mood boosts, with added energy and deeper relaxation.

If you take prescription medications, please check with your physician before signing up for a Migraine Relief IV session.

Migraine Relief IV Therapy



Service Duration

Varies based on drip ingredients.

How Often to Use Migraine Relief IV Therapy

60-90 minutes including completing medical forms.

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