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Hydrate IV Therapy

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated. But proper hydration means more than simply drinking plenty of water. In fact, drinking too much water can be harmful, as it washes away vital electrolytes and minerals.

Do you know: Our bodies consist of almost 75% water, so every action and reaction takes place in a liquid environment. That’s why IV hydration therapy is a cornerstone of conventional medicine – it works well, and it works fast.

What are the Benefits of Hydration IV Therapy?

Health-aware people are discovering a much better way to top up their fluids – hydration IV therapy. Here are some of the reasons why it’s more effective than drinking mineral water.

  • All-over hydration ensures all the tissues in your body are hydrated directly through your bloodstream, not just your mouth and throat, by a couple of gulps of water;
  • More than just water is delivered to your cells through hydration IV therapy, replenishing electrolytes and other vital nutrients in every cell;
  • Energy pumps from amino acids and other nutrients can reduce cravings for coffee, soda, and other treats that often flood your bloodstream with sugar.
  • Better digestion, as your gut doesn’t have to work overtime getting rid of excess fluid, and flushing out necessary nutrients at the same time;
  • Faster recovery times after exercise, high-stress work spurts, and minor illnesses, through supplying all the electrolytes and nutrients your body needs for top performance;
  • Immunity boost through quickly-absorbed vitamins (particularly vitamins C and vitamin B12) that are infused directly into the bloodstream, which carries them to exactly where they are most needed;
  • Less anxiety and insomnia from better-balanced electrolytes that calm the brain and relax tense muscles;
  • Flushes out toxins and free radicals from your system with fresh, clean fluids, particularly when constipation lets waste matter build up in your system, harming the liver and kidneys;
  • Sweeps away brain fog, as even mild hydration slows down your brain, processing information with greater difficulty, and finding it harder to make logical decisions;
  • Better skin, muscle, and joint health, as getting enough liquid to these sensitive areas is difficult through just drinking water.

According to some estimates, almost three-quarters of all Americans suffer from chronic hydration. Although a cool glass of water is refreshing and replenishes water supplies in the body, it’s not as effective as IV hydration therapy.

If you often feel fatigued, thirsty, and just generally under par, you are probably dehydrated. Air conditioning and physically demanding work mean that many of us spent almost all our time in dehydrating surroundings, often grabbing a quick coffee or candy bar to keep going to the end of the day. And on weekend getaways, long hours of exercise in the open air can be just as dehydrating.

The best way to get every ounce of fun out of your time in the Poconos is to book a  Magnolia Poconos Wellness hydration IV therapy appointment (maybe for two?). After a relaxing hour nourishing every cell in your body, you’ll be feeling great and full of energy, ready to enjoy every moment of your visit.

If you take prescription medications, or if you are (or might be pregnant), please check with your physician before signing up for a Hydrate IV session.




Service Duration

Varies based on drip ingredients.

How Often to Use Hydrate IV Therapy

60-90 minutes including completing medical forms.

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